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Caribbean charter yachts and virgin islands vacationsAnegada
Anegada is an easily missed speck on the Caribbean map lying 20 miles north of Virgin Gorda. It covers 15 square miles and rises 28 feet above the Caribbean sea level.

Over the years, more than 300 ships have been wrecked on the hazardous coral reefs encircling the islet, a tragedy which, in turn, has made Anegada a paradise for divers. The wrecks and reefs themselves have been enhanced with colourful formations of exotic undersea plan and animal life.

With a population of about 250, Anegada's tourist facilities are limited to a camp ground, several guest cottages, and one 18-room hotel. Government efforts to keep the Caribbean island as close to nature as possible have resulted in the recent introduction of a sanctuary for flamingos, ospreys, and terns supervised by the National Parks Trust.

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